Marlboro Board Of Education

The Marlboro Board of Education
Project Details

1.79 MW
Rooftop and Carport Solar Installation
Marlboro, NJ

Project Overview

The Marlboro Board of Education has embraced renewable energy with the completion of both rooftop and carport installations across its educational facilities. This project is a testament to the Board's dedication to sustainable practices and its commitment to reducing the district's environmental footprint.

Project Goals

Implementing solar energy systems in the school district to reduce carbon footprint, promote sustainability, and inspire environmental stewardship among students and the community.

Josh Kopp

I'm proud to be part of a transformative initiative that not only harnesses renewable energy but also symbolizes our commitment to a greener future. It's fulfilling to know that our efforts today will leave a positive impact on generations to come

Project Impact

By harnessing solar power, the Marlboro Board of Education will significantly lower energy costs, decrease carbon emissions, and provide a hands-on learning opportunity for students about the benefits and workings of renewable energy technologies.

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